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Tax Advisor for your company in Valencia

IPS Tax consultancy in Valencia

Arriving in a new country and choose a professional Tax Consultancy Company that speaks English could be more difficult than expected.

IPS team is specialized in optimizing your taxes and managing all the procedures for your company in Spain.

We speak English so the language is not inconvenient any more. 

tax consultancy

We make it easy for you to pay your taxes and tax obligations in Spain. Forget about complex bureaucratic processes.

tax advisor

English-speaking tax advisors and accountants in Spain specialized in employees, self-employed individuals, freelancers and companies.

tax consultancy English Speaking

Accounting department specializes in all areas that your business needs: company incorporation, account optimization, labour consultancy…

Together we can go further, shall we talk?






    ✔ Comprehensive advice on tax matters for companies, SMEs and the self-employed.

    ✔ Attention and response to requirements of the tax authorities.

    ✔ Preparation of appeals and communications to the tax authorities.

    ✔ Relations with the Public Treasury and Telematic Presentations.

    ✔ Attention to requirements and verifications of the Tax Agency.

    ✔ Deferrals, installments and debt compensation.

    ✔ Presentation of annual and quarterly models.


    ✔ Comprehensive advice on the type of contracts before the INEM.

    ✔ Processing of high and low social security.

    ✔ Settlement and settlement of workers either by dismissal or by voluntary resignation

    ✔ Representation and defense before the social courts, for the resolution in cases of labor conflict.

    ✔ Advice and processing for particular cases of: retirement, permanent or temporary disability, widowhood or orphanhood.ahhh

    ✔ Advice for mandatory compliance with the LOPD.

    ✔ Prevention of occupational hazards.

    ✔ Advice and processing of the compulsory courses for the fulfillment of the obligations before the public administrations.


    ✔ Business accounting advice.

    ✔ Billing and accounting, as required by each client.

    ✔ Official accounting books.

    ✔ Internal audits.

    ✔ Presentation of annual accounts.

    See what they’re saying.

    No es fácil encontrar un asesor profesional en Valencia para manejar asuntos tediosos como impuestos, contabilidad, seguridad social, etc. sabes si te digo la realidad. Visitó cerca de 10 empresas de consultoría, incluidas las abiertas por chinos. Afortunadamente encontré IPS Asesores, profesional, eficiente y dedicada. (Original) 在瓦伦西亚找一位专业的顾问,为你的公司处理税务、会计、社保等繁琐的事并不容易,这不是我个人的遭遇,问一下你身边开店的老板,你就知道我讲是否真实。走访了近10家顾问公司,其中包括中国人开的。幸运的是,我找到了IPS Asesores,专业、高效、敬业。


    ¡Muchas gracias por la recepción profesional y la consulta! ¡Trabajaremos y comenzaremos una nueva empresa contigo! (Original) Дуже дякую за професійний прийом та консультацію ! Будемо працювати та стартуємо нову компанію з вами !


    Gente muy profesional y disponible, me ayudaron mucho. recomiendo este estudio a todos. (Original) Persone molto professionali e disponibili, mi hanno aiutato molto. Consiglio questo studio a tutti